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The horrors of equestrian sport: photogallery / Horse dies during the Asti palio


Horse dies during the Asti palio

The death of the horse Mamuthones at the Asti palio underlines the urgent need to put a stop to this form of exploitation and killing of animals in the name of popular entertainment.

In this specific case everyone has said that the animal was playing up. Few, however, noticed what had happened in the few moments before the horse fell and died: the jockey delivered a series of violent blows with a bullwhip before the wooden start pole dropped, and to escape the pain the horse bucked, leapt forwards and stumbled on the start pole falling heavily to the ground, hitting his head.

For this reason our Association will report the act, asking for the jockey’s responsibility to be investigated. The use of a whip (in this case made of plaited rawhide) has always been taken for granted in some equestrian sports and in racing, even though scientific studies have amply demonstrated that this is little more than gratuitous violence.
In the present case, it is even more serious that the horse had to submit to the violence before the race even started.

This latest incident demonstrates yet again how impossible it is to guarantee the wellbeing of the horses used in these spectacles.

It is time to say ‘enough’ to the use of animals in palio races: we ask the support of everyone by signing the NOPALIO petition, which to date has gathered over 18,000 signatures.

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