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[15] You two are going to change the world!

Dear Lidia and Alexander, I have been reading your website with open mouth for the last two hours and am truly stunned! You two are going to change the world! I had bought the Amazone magazine by coincidence, but I am so gratefull that I did; and I have also bought the film. It made me very angry, and also determined to tell the message on. I am never going to ride with a bit again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from that of my three horses!

Mieke Berry, The Netherlands

[14] THe people using horses for thier own sporting pleasure should be SHOT...

I have seen some pictures on this web site, and they made me cry, I own a horse, and he is shoeless, and I drive him without a bit, That is the way that it should be, the people using horses for thier own sporting pleasure should be SHOT .

Denise Guitard

[13] My collection of iron will no longer be placed in the mouths of equines...

I wanted to express my appreciation after viewing the "Horse Enclyopaedia" recently. I trim barefooted horses for others and my own. I have an extensive collection of bits which I can no longer regard in the same way, thanks to your film. I can be thankful that my collection of iron will no longer be placed in the mouths of equines. I have been a believer in iron free hooves longer than the idea of being bitless but that will now change.

I would also like to say that the scenes showing riding abuses brought back memories of my early beginnings with horses. While I have improved, there is still much room for improvement yet.

Thank you,

Anne Coley

[12] My mind has just change

It´s one of my daughters riding trainers who advise me to watch your page. I can´t find words to explain how impress I feel. Thank you, because I have never seen horses from this perspertive. My mind has just change

Susana Pastor

February 08, 2007

[11] While watching the film, I felt compelled to cry...

To Mr. Alexander Nevzorov, or to whom ever else it may concern;

I purchased your movie "The Horse Crucified and Risen" , and I have never seen anything like this before. I cannot tell you how much Alexander Nevzorov, of whom I had never heard of before made such an impression on me. While watching the film, I felt compelled to cry, sigh in astonishment and relief, and also smile, for someone has finally started to lead the way in letting a horse simply be a horse, to liberate them with such care and consideration for their spirit and their freedom to express it. I am truly joyous!

I was raised with the Arabian breed for several of years. My Instructor would not tolerate any abuse nor neglect of the horses. She was a very gentle person, and loved her horses very much, but she was ignorant, we have all been ignorant. I truly never knew that the bridle and bit caused the horse so much pain, and I will never use those methods again, nor will I condone any sporting activities ever again! What your film has showed me is that there is a way to truly bond with your horse and have a trust that is 100% with both the horse and rider. To motivate the horse with love and trust instead of fear.

I have recently moved to a quiet little country home with forty acres. I plan on purchasing a horse this spring, and all that I have and will continue to learn, will apply with this horse and all others I have in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ginger Clevenger

January 24, 2007

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