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Canadian NHE workshop - August 11-12, 2007

At a recent NHE workshop held in Palgrave, Ontario in August, all but one of the participants were NHE members. There were many moments when people had their head in their hands as first-hand explanations were being discussed. New realizations and understanding were taking place. For some, their world was being turned upside down for a second time!

The host of the workshop, Elaine Polny, had this to say: `In August/07 I hosted a workshop for Michael Bevilacqua the Senior Representative for Nevzorov Haute Ecole. It was nothing short of an amazing experience for all who participated, including and most importantly, the horses.

Since I had been a forum member since last year, I felt I had a fair understanding of the philosophy and principles, yet, personally having the opportunity to discuss these ideas and witness them in motion was what truly brought more clarity and certainty to my world with horses. It was a further confirmation that the way we wish to interact with horses has a direct link to how we choose and conduct ourselves in our lives. Seeking a path to mutually co-exist where the differences between man and horse are put aside and instead replaced with oneness and equality. Focused intent, clarity and patience provide the answers to synchronicity and togetherness.

People see Lydia`s photos on the NHE website or the award winning film, `Horse Crucified and Risen` by Alexander and are amazed and long for the beauty that is possible with their own horses. Yet, they feel that it is only a dream. We try to bring out the best in our horses, but it is quite possible to bring out the best in ourselves, too. This workshop was to show how simple that this could really be. To break down that invisible wall that holds people back from themselves and their horses.

Elaine points out what a lot of people realize. That what they were looking for was right in front of them the whole time: `An obvious conclusion to the effectiveness of the workshop was noticing once my awareness opened further so did a shift in awareness from my horses. It was like looking into the eyes of an old friend to suddenly notice a new wiser friend was in there. And that wasn't just me seeing them, it was them seeing me differently as well. Allowing, respecting and encouraging the horse's spirit to be free is the most natural place to begin. This I learned for sure: Michael Bevilacqua is unequivocally a True Master. His ability to connect directly to the horses "being" was obvious and inspiring. I witnessed him sharing special moments with my horses in such a way that I knew only a person with true honesty and the highest level of integrity and expertise would be able to accomplish.`

The goal was to help people reach a new level within themselves, and understanding how exercises help the horse physically and mentally. There is a lot of information that must come before. Much that also has nothing to do with horses. For expectations and results, when a person really understands NHE and the door is open for real 2-way communication, then what a person wanted as results is no longer of any importance. The idea of `training` is dissolved. Ironically, that is when all becomes possible.

Monica Bretschneider

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